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Who We Are...
Founded in 2002 ABC Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children of Central and Eastern Europe. ABC Charity is an all-volunteer organization supported by donations read more

We believe in supporting effective programmes that make a difference.

ABC Charity programmes include:

  Youth Programme

  Villages for children

  Cultural exchange

  Aid For Teens

End Homelessness Now

  Against Hunger

  The Child Health

  Abandoned Kids

  Central Europe Recreation Department (scholarships for needy families)

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Irena Wolak, Manager
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Spheres in need of charitable activity    and government support

Analyzing people's opinions concerning what spheres of charitable activity
are especially needed and what spheres should receive maximum government support in the next few years, you see comparable response rates.
Thus in the opinion of most Russian people, philanthropy is most important
in the sphere of defense of the family and addressing the problem of homeless children (supported by 67% of the respondents). This sphere was also rated number one in terms of who should receive the most government support with 62%. The needs of socially vulnerable members of population were rated second (36% of the respondents), with 39% saying they should be receiving government support.
Educational and medical institutions as targets for philanthropy were supported by 32% and comparably high percentages of those who feel they should receive government support (26% and 37%, respectively).
Other social spheres were deemed less needy of support and even less worthy
of receiving government aid...

"Who We Are Continued..."

...and fundraising activities. Nearly 90% of money raised directly helps villages, aids, schools for children.
Founded in 2002 ABC Charity is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children in Europe. In addition to special tasks as needed, long-term projects funded by the organization include the Aid For Teens and Against Hunger, Cultural exchange, Villages for children and scholarships for needy families...

There are more than 1 460 000 orphans at post Soviet Union areas orphanages. 95% of those kids are "social orphans": their parents are alive but they are deprived of their parental rights or they've voluntarily gave up their children.
There are 19 orphanages in Poland.
70% of children are studying in correctional boarding schools.
Every year 2500 kids graduate Warsaw orphanages.

The majority of graduates are not capable of establishing themselves in life since they have no family experience or family support and their education is insufficient.

Only 10-15% of orphanage graduates are more or less successful in life: they work, have a family, bring up their children. The rest are not capable of adapting to social community.

The situation is tougher due to high competition and requirement to education on the one hand and due to a wide range of social benefits available, on the other. Hence the orphans need to be more persistent and motivated to reject their dependent position. 

More than 100 000 children in Russia lose their families every year and entering the system of state orphanages most of them also lose their chance for the reliable future. Our projects are the unique way to solve that terrible problem. We do everything to help those kids feel love again, recover from trauma of losing family and grow up in a stable family environment until they become independent young adults. Through family programmes we extend our work to supporting problem families so that they can once again manage their lives independently and care for their children.


Donations made for the children are measured in doses of vaccine. Millions of children die each year from preventable diseases such as tuberculosis simply because they were not vaccinated. Based on current aggregate sponsorship rates, each donation contributes about a fraction of dose of vaccine to protect children against tuberculosis. Please note that the respective organizations may not actually involve vaccination service, instead they may provide much broad range of humanitarian services to help the children.

That's why we created ABC Charity, a site dedicated to featuring one needy child at a time. The money received from you will be given to our sponsored child. This is a simple concept and an easy way for you to contribute to helping one child at a time, to provide food, medication and vital necessity for the child.

We are pleased that the many caring people around the globe are contributing their help to assist in our cause ... people from Canada, US, Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Finland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Taiwan, Israel, Mexico, Austria, Malaysia, Spain, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus, Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, and Czech Republic.

It's estimated that 50,000 children and youth live on the streets in Ukraine. Many are abandoned and abused orphans, who often struggle with drug addiction, emotional trauma and malnutrition. With no place to turn for help, many engage in risky behaviors to survive.

We effort in Ukraine reached more than 800 adolescents and health care providers.

We began our work to help street and at-risk children and youth in Russia in 2004, where experts say up to one million children and youth live on the streets.

Today we take care for more than 20 000 children who lost their families or live in families from a social risk group.

All of our projects are financed by the donations from the individuals and Companies all around the world. Together with our supporters we are able to build loving home for the children in need and give them hope for the future. Your support is very important!

Live together
Russian and Polish adolescents spend time together in the ABC Charity Village in Poland and learn to accept each other better.
In the village they stage a circus show, and mingle with many other cultures. Marginalized children from the region of Chernobyl enjoy a healthy environment in which to "recharge their batteries", while introducing Polish youngsters to their own culture. The ABC Charity Village near Warsaw is the venue that enables these encounters.

Getting together and doing things together - speaking, eating and playing - are activities that foster mutual tolerance and respect for the other, who may be perceived as "alien". The exchange projects of the ABC Charity offer the opportunity to actively shape intercultural contacts between children and adolescents from different cultural backgrounds. They point out new ways of promoting tolerance, openness, solidarity and respect for human beings and nature.

Cultural exchange
Living in family structures is one of ABC Charity's programmes. Exchange programmes are another. Every year, hundreds of children and adolescents from Eastern Europe come to the village to take part in exchanges, recuperate or learn about reconciliation. The village offers also school project weeks and the power-up radio for school classes.

Acquiring know-how from others
society is made up of people with different cultural outlooks, languages and world views. The rich experience and expertise of the village staff in relation to intercultural issues are put to good use in specific courses. ABC Charity offers practice-oriented basic education and further training to students and teachers, to school children, to the authorities or to firms.


How do we estimate the results?

It is not easy to estimate our results as there is always something more behind each certificate – new life, new job, a family, and their children who were not sent to an orphanage again. And, indeed, how can we compare two 9th grade students when one was not able to properly read before and the other needed only to pull up in mathematics.
Of course, we do count how many kids have finished the school, enter colleges, left psychoneurological boarding schools, but the other "qualitative" results also matter.

These are the results connected to the choice of profession and job. Ones consider a result staying for a year at one job; others see it in promotions and salary growth. For kids who still live in orphanages and boarding schools the result is in the conscious choice of their profession.

On top, all our programs are aimed at developing skills of independent life. These are the skills of self-organization, time-management and personal money planning, ability to cope with everyday tasks and problems etc. Therefore a foreign passport which was obtained without any assistance or a solved problem on health or accommodation are considered the results as well.
We are happy when our students start to do their homework responsibly, when they manage to overcome their old habits, laziness, irascibility and start to build relations with other people as adults.