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Volunteer at ABC Charity
Hundreds of volunteers graciously given their time and energy to us. If you are interested in ways you can help, please contact us info@abc-charity.org

If you encounter any problems or errors during your visit, please contact our webmaster at: web@abc-charity.org

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We would like to point out that without our sponsors, we will not be able to make our work. You have opportunity to become our sponsor too, by donating some money to our organization.

ABC Charity


25 aleja Jana Chrystiana Szucha, 62
00-918 Warsaw
Phone/Fax:  +48 (22) 208 55 22


Charity Registration No.: 1290852063
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If you have any questions or proposals please do not hesitate to contact us info@abc-charity.org

                                           Irena Wolak
, Manager